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Trustwise delivers industry-tailored GenAI safety software for addressing LLM hallucinations and data commingling at scale, empowering you to innovate safely and responsibly with generative AI.

”Trust and confidence are paramount when it comes to enterprise adoption of Generative Al. I am very impressed by the pioneering work being done by the experienced Trustwise team around LLM Safety and hallucinations management in healthcare and life sciences, to ensure secure and transformative outcomes from enterprise-ready LLM solutions.”
Raj Ronanki
CEO, Lyric Health
”Trustwise is enabling us to confidently innovate new generative Al solutions for our business. Utillizing their GenAl Copilot Suite, we're able to build use cases in a safe, explainable way that are designed to protect our customers and company; while also giving us a mechanism to measure and report on Al Safety.”
Matthew Martin
Deputy Chief Information and Security Officer, LPL Financial

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