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Trustwise is a single API that safely unlocks the power of generative AI at work.

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Empowering Your Team to Overcome Major Hurdles with Generative AI

Modern AI systems are powerful yet often grapple with compliance, bias, data breaches, and cost management challenges. Trustwise delivers a seamless, industry-optimized API for AI trust, ensuring business alignment, cost-efficiency, and ethical integrity across all AI models and tools.

AI Regulatory Alignment with a Single API Call.


“Trustwise is revolutionizing our approach to deploying and managing LLM-powered applications. Their Gen AI Trust suite has shown great potential to significantly enhance AI operations and trust across Business, IT, Risk, and Audit functions.  It’s a game-changer for safe and responsible AI innovation.”

Lloyds Banking Group

Chief Data and Ethics Officer

“Trustwise is enabling us to confidently innovate new generative Al solutions. Utilizing their Gen Al Trust Suite, we’re able to build use cases in a safe, explainable way that are designed to protect our customers and company; while also giving us a mechanism to measure and report on Al Safety.”

LPL Financial

Deputy Chief Info and Security Officer

“Partnering with Trustwise enables us to confidently embrace AI at NHS and offer our patients more reliable and accurate self-care options using ChatGPT like technologies. Their dedication to safety and reliability mirrors our commitment to patient care, making them an invaluable partner in healthcare innovation.”


National Clinical Lead for AI

“Trust and confidence are paramount when it comes to enterprise adoption of Generative Al. I am very impressed by the pioneering work being done by the experienced Trustwise team around LLM Safety and Alignment management in healthcare and life sciences, to ensure secure and transformative LLM solutions.”

Lyric Health


Why Trustwise?

Trustwise helps you innovate confidently with AI. Perfected over two years in partnership with leading industry players, our software guarantees the safety, alignment, and cost optimization of your AI initiatives.

Actively mitigates harmful hallucinations.
Prevents leakage of sensitive information.

Ensures AI meets responsible AI norms.
Keeps AI aligned with business ethics.

Reduces LLM and RAG costs by 80%.
Optimizes costs, unleashing LLM creativity.

Interactive assistant for AI assurance.
Simplifies AI safety, alignment, efficiency.

Tailored for specific sector needs.
Enhances AI behavior, output quality.

Audit records for learning, improvement.
Ensures interaction traceability, accountability.

Built-in benchmarking and certification.
NIST AI RMF, ISO 42001 aligned.

Ensures human oversight of AI decisions.
Aids learning, continuous system adaptation.

Compatible with all LLMs and clouds.
Provides complete data control.

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  • The Launch of Trustwise Optimize:ai
    Trustwise Optimize:ai is a first-of-its-kind generative AI application performance and risk management solution that provides developers with an API to eliminate risks and reduce the growing costs associated with deploying large language models (LLMs) in high-stakes enterprise environments.