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Confidently deliver and scale your AI initiatives with industry tuned trustworthy AI solutions that optimize LLM costs, ensure regulatory alignment, and promote responsible AI to go beyond compliance.

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Solutions That Empower Your Teams to Do Good

Optimize:ai –
AI Cost and Sustainability

Our Optimize:ai Cost and Sustainability Solution gives you the power to optimize your AI spending while prioritizing sustainability. It helps you precisely calibrate AI spending, thereby managing costs and promoting planetary health. We provide a clear path to reach your AI goals with both financial and environmental efficiency.

Align:ai –
Compliant and Responsible AI

Our Align:ai Solution aligns AI systems with business objectives, regulations, and ethical standards, emphasizing transparency, ethics, and auditability. With over 800 AI rules, and policies in works, Align:ai ensures effortlessly compliance with evolving legal standards while embedding responsible AI principles into IT operations.

Reliable:ai –
Reliable and Safe AI Outputs

Our Reliable:ai Solution boosts trust in LLM outputs by eliminating harmful or misleading content, including hallucinations, and safeguarding against sensitive data leaks.  We help you deliver AI outputs that are dependable, clear, and trustworthy and help cultivate stakeholder Trust in AI.

Industry Optimized Gen AI Trust Management

Benefit from industry specific Gen AI Trust Management solutions, optimized for the unique demands and challenges of your industry. Empower teams to innovate confidently with a unified approach that ensures safety, compliance and performance in every AI application.

Your Enterprise AI Trust Solution: One API, Three Modules

Gen AI Enterprise v3
Gen AI Enterprise v3

Optimize:ai – AI Cost and Sustainability Solution

At Trustwise, we’re acutely aware of the delicate balance needed between driving innovation and upholding sustainability. It’s this understanding that led us to develop Optimize:ai, our cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your approach to AI investments. In the rapidly evolving landscape of Generative AI, where models constantly introduce new capabilities and cost profiles, Optimize:ai empowers you to precisely calibrate your AI spending. This ensures every investment not only furthers your business goals but also champions planetary health.

Optimize:ai provides unmatched mastery over your AI investments, marrying your financial objectives with environmental stewardship. It features dynamic model and data processing strategies, advanced cost and carbon optimization techniques, and intuitive dashboards, enabling you to predict and manage Generative AI expenses effortlessly.

The ever-changing nature of AI models, each with its unique capabilities and cost implications, demands a flexible strategy for AI deployment. Optimize:ai rises to this challenge, offering unparalleled cost transparency and optimization capabilities that adapt to any model, methodology, or technical need. This adaptability ensures you’re always using the most efficient model for your specific AI projects, giving you a complete perspective on your AI investments and empowering you to manage their impact proactively.

Optimize:ai is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic partner enabling robust cost management and sustainability in your AI endeavors. Embrace the power of Optimize:ai to navigate the complexities of AI spending, achieving optimal financial and environmental efficiency across all your generative AI projects.

Align:ai – Compliant and Responsible AI Solution

Amidst the rapid expansion of AI regulations, guidelines, and policies, now totaling over 800, Trustwise introduces Align:ai, engineered to simplify your journey through AI compliance.  Recognizing the critical need for businesses to stay ahead of legal and ethical standards in AI, Align:ai is designed to simplify the compliance process, enabling you to focus on innovation while ensuring your AI projects meet all regulatory requirements.

Align:ai stands out by offering a robust suite of tools that seamlessly integrates your projects with current and forthcoming legal standards and ethical practices in accordance with the unique regulatory demands of different industries and jurisdictions. It includes a comprehensive database of regulations, automated compliance checks, and customizable workflows. These features are designed to give you immediate clarity, alignment, and control over compliance processes, making it easier than ever to align your AI projects with the latest standards.

Align:ai transcends the traditional boundaries of regulatory compliance tools; our innovative THEO AI Assurance Assistant acts as a strategic advisor for navigating the intricate web of AI laws and guidelines. By harnessing the power of Align:ai, you are empowered to not only keep pace with but also anticipate changes in the regulatory landscape, ensuring your AI initiatives are both innovative and compliant.

More than a compliance tool, Align:ai is your strategic ally in the regulatory landscape, enabling your AI projects to thrive within legal and ethical boundaries. Embrace Align:ai for a seamless integration of compliance into your innovation process, propelling your AI ventures forward with assurance and strategic foresight.

Reliable:ai – Trusted and Safe AI Output Solution

At Trustwise, we understand the critical importance of reliability and safety in the AI solutions that power your business. This insight led to the creation of Reliable:ai, our premier offering designed to ensure your AI outputs are both reliable and safe, fostering an environment of trust and security. In the fast-paced world of Generative AI, where the accuracy and dependability of AI-generated content are paramount, Reliable:ai stands as your guardian, ensuring that every piece of content or decision made by AI aligns with the highest standards of reliability and safety.

Reliable:ai incorporates advanced verification mechanisms, real-time anomaly detection, and comprehensive content review processes, all designed to uphold the integrity and trustworthiness of your AI applications. It proactively safeguard against the risks associated with Generative AI, such as data leakage, biased outcomes, and unauthorized content manipulation. With Reliable:ai, you gain the confidence to deploy AI solutions, knowing they produce outputs that are not just innovative but also safe and aligned with your organizational values.

Reliable:ai is not merely a tool; it’s a strategic asset that enhances the safety and reliability of your AI initiatives. By choosing Reliable:ai, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in peace of mind and the assurance that your AI operations will foster trust among your stakeholders and customers. Elevate your AI strategy with Reliable:ai and set a new standard for safety and reliability in your generative AI projects.

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