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A Single API to Make Generative AI Work. At Work.

The Trustwise API works across all your data, compute environments, and foundation models to safeguard your AI innovations. It enables your teams to fully harness the power of Generative AI with confidence by enhancing LLM performance, alignment, and safety.

Insights from Trustwise Client Case Studies



increase in compute costs due to improper use of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and LLM strategies for specific tasks.



of tested commercial LLMs could not implement business policies, industry and regional regulations, and responsible AI standards.



of GPT-4 responses using RAG systems are hallucinated and generate misleading output, as tested by human evaluators.

Trustwise Generative AI Trust Management Software

Trustwise, your partner in AI Trust, offers a single, industry optimized API for responsible and safe AI that helps you fast
track your LLM powered AI applications to market across any compute, any LLM, and any RAG system.

Accelerating Gen AI Innovation Across Teams with Trustwise

Trustwise API helps streamline your AI/ML workflow for safety, compliance, and cost-effective AI alignment across IT, product,
compliance, and engineering teams.

Deployment Options


Effortless and scalable cloud solution


Secure, customizable, in-house software

Laptop (coming soon)

Portable, versatile and efficient system

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