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Bring people the tools they need to build
trustworthy and responsible AI that benefits

That mission starts here.

At Trustwise, we are deeply committed to building an AI Trust layer that helps companies unlock Generative AI’s full potential.
Founded by five-time serial entrepreneur and the first general manager of IBM Watson, Trustwise is steered by a distinguished group of executives and machine learning experts in trustworthy AI from leading institutions such as the University of Cambridge, the Alan Turing Institute, and NYU.


“Trustwise is revolutionizing our approach to deploying and managing LLM-powered applications. Their Gen AI Trust suite has shown great potential to significantly enhance AI operations and trust across Business, IT, Risk, and Audit functions.  It's a game-changer for safe and responsible AI innovation.”

Lloyds Banking Group

Chief Data and Ethics Officer

“Trustwise is enabling us to confidently innovate new generative Al solutions. Utilizing their Gen Al Trust Suite, we’re able to build use cases in a safe, explainable way that are designed to protect our customers and company; while also giving us a mechanism to measure and report on Al Safety.”

LPL Financial

Deputy Chief Info and Security Officer

“Partnering with Trustwise enables us to confidently embrace AI at NHS and offer our patients more reliable and accurate self-care options using ChatGPT like technologies. Their dedication to safety and reliability mirrors our commitment to patient care, making them an invaluable partner in healthcare innovation.”


National Clinical Lead for AI

“Trust and confidence are paramount when it comes to enterprise adoption of Generative Al. I am very impressed by the pioneering work being done by the experienced Trustwise team around LLM Safety and Alignment management in healthcare and life sciences, to ensure secure and transformative LLM solutions.”

Lyric Health


We’re committed to AI safety


For the past decade, the rise of AI has transformed how businesses operate, but as AI’s complexity grows, so does the challenge of ensuring it’s safe, aligned, and used responsibly.

Traditional AI tools often lead to a complex, fragmented operational landscape, challenging the synchronization of trust, compliance, and efficiency. As we’ve integrated AI deeper into our enterprises, the need for responsible AI assurance has become paramount.

Trustwise is pioneering this new era with the world’s first universal AI Trust API: guaranteeing that AI outputs are not only powerful but also principled, and aligned with your organization’s core values and regulatory standards.

Trustwise is not just a tool; it’s a partnership between human and machine, elevating both to their fullest potential.

We’re on the cusp of something great and are excited to have you be a part of this transformative journey.

Where will your dedication to responsible AI take you?


The Trustwise Team

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